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mail.jpg (9706 bytes)Sending Mail in Russia

Russia has plenty of mailboxes and post offices, but they're only useful for letters that don't need to arrive within a month and wouldn't be missed if they never arrived. If you need to send anything else, you're better off using an international or national delivery service.


Receiving Mail in Russia

You can receive mail slowly and somewhat unreliably at the post office inside the Central Telegraph office on Tverskaya Ul. Use the following address:

RUSSIA 103009
Do Vostrebovania
Moscow K-9
(YOUR NAME in Capitals)

The following companies offer quicker and more reliable incoming mail services:

10 Ul. Zorge
Tel: 956-2230
Fax: 956-2231

IPS, Independent Postal Service
Brestskaya 2-aya ul., 43
Fax / Telephone: 250-4272
Fax / Telephone: 251-74-87

Sending Mail from Russia

For important letters it's best to use a private express mail service. If you're just sending postcards, they'll probably make it if you drop them off at a large post office. Mailboxes on the street are less reliable.

Post Offices

Main Post Office (Glavpochtamt)
26/2 Myasnitskaya Ul.
Metro: Chistye Prudy

International Post Office
37 Varshavskoe Shosse
Metro: Nagatinskaya

Central Telegraph
7 Tverskaya Ul.
Metro: Okhotnyy Ryad

Express Mail Services

10 Bolshaya Sadovaya Ul.
Metro: Mayakovskaya
Tel: 209-1735
Fax / Tel: 209-9108

Inservice Courier
7 Sivtsev Vrazhek Perulok
M. Krapotinkskaya
Tel: 203-0281
Fax: 935-8819

8A Bolshoi Tishinsky Pereulok
Metro: Barrikadnaya/Krasnopresneskaya
Tel. 961-2211
Fax. 254-4015

Desk to Desk
8 Leningradskiy Prospekt
Metro: Beloruskaya
Tel: 937-7272
Fax: 937-7278

DHL Worldwide Express
11 3rd Samotechnyy Pereulok
Metro: Novoslobodskaya
Tel: 956-1001
Fax: 974-2105

EMS Garantpost
13 Varshavskoe Shosse
Metro: Tulskaya
Tel: 728-4151
Fax:. 728-4159

Federal Express
8 Aviatsionny Pereulok
Metro: Aeroport
Tel: 234-3400
Fax: 234-9943

31 Svobody Ul.
Tel: 797-2777
Fax: 797-2778