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Russia and Kazakhstan require entry visas. Whatever the urgency, we can assist you in obtaining your visa in as fast as one business day.

Please consult your adoption agency on details regarding your entry visas. Your agency may require you to send documents directly to the consulate in certain cases. There are many different types of visas, and although we can usually obtain any type of visa for you, check with your adoption agency on what you will need for your particular trip first.

We have our own couriers in Washington, D.C., and process over 50 visa applications daily. Over the years, we have developed personal relationship with the Consul General of Russia, Consul Generals of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other countries. What may be impossible to achieve for others is usually easy with Go To Russia Travel.

Adoptive parents always get $10 off our regular visa processing charges at Go To Russia travel. Our visa processes are mostly automated and if you can scan your visa pictures and fill out online application – you will only need to send us your passports by mail or courier. Everything, from filling out your visa application, to tracking your visa online – is automated with Go To Russia.

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