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Arriving in Moscow by Train

train1.jpg (6567 bytes)Moscow has eight major train stations. All are served by the Moscow Metro and located near the center of the city.

Most stations are connected by the metro's loop line. Taxis are readily available outside most stations.

If you're on an international train, you'll go through customs when you cross the border, not at the station.

Belorussky Station
Serves Kalliningrad, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and some trains to Latvia.
Address : 7 Tverskaya Zastava Ploshchad
Phone : 251-6093, 973-8191
Metro: Belorusskaya

Kazansky Station
Serves Central Asia, Ryzan, Ufa, Samara and Novorossiisk.
Address: 2 Komsomolskaya Ploshchad
Phone: 264-6556
Metro: Komsomolskaya

Kievsky Station
Serves Western Ukraine and Southeastern Europe.
Address: Ploshchad Kievskogo Vokzala
Phone: 240-1115/0415
Metro: Kievskaya

Kursky Station
Serves Southern Russia, Caucasus region, Eastern Ukraine, and Crimea.
Address: 29 Ul. Zemlyanoi Val
Phone: 916-2003, 917-3152
Metro: Kurskaya

Leningradsky Station
Serves Estonia, Finland, St. Petersburg and northwestern Russia.
Address: 3 Komsomolskaya Ploshchad
Phone: 262-9143
Metro: Komsomolskaya

Paveletsky Station
Serves Voronezh, Tambov, Volgograd and Astrakhan.
Address: 1 Paveletskaya Ploshchad
Phone: 235-0522/6807/1920/4109
Metro: Paveletskaya

Rizhsky Station
Serves some trains to Latvia.
Address: 79/3 Rizhskaya Ploshchad
Phone: 971-1588
Metro: Rizhskaya>

Savyolovsky Station
Serves Kostroma, Cherepovets and some trains to Vologda.
Address: Ploshchad Savyolovskogo Vokzala
Phone: 285-9005
Metro: Savyolovskaya

Yaroslavlsky Station
Serves Siberia, the Russian Far East, Mongolia and China.
Address: 5 Komsomolskaya Ploshchad
Phone: 921-5914/0817, 262-9271
Metro: Komsomolskay