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Go To Russia Travel offers the lowest rates for the flight from Atlanta to Moscow. Leave Atlanta by May 31 and enjoy your round trip to the Russian capital for $720 (including taxes)

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In addition to selling regular published fares for all major world airlines, we enjoy special consolidator fare contracts with such airlines as Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Delta, Swissair, Sabena, Finnair, Lufthansa German Airline, and others. What it means for you is when you can't find a low fare somewhere else, chances are we'll probably have it at Go To Russia. These guaranteed contract rates do not require advance purchase and seats may be held in our system for up to 2 weeks. Please fill out the form below for a fast quote by our ticketing agents or call our ticketing department.

Children under 18 years of age traveling alone or with another minor may be a subject to airlines regulations and policy rules, please check directly with the airline for these policies (which may vary from one airline to another), before you book the tickets for the children under 18 years of age traveling alone. GTR is not responsible for any minor traveling alone being refused on board by airlines.

If you don't see available seats or are not completely happy with the fare, please fill out the form below and our agents will search through airlines' regular published and sale fares to give you the best possible itinerary and airfare. Our ticketing agents will email you back within 24 hours. If you have a rush request, you're welcome to call our ticketing department at 888-263-0023

We also offer domestic fares within Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. Ticket prices, schedules and routes vary all the time due to instability of many Russian airlines. However, we can confirm the best routing and prices through either our Atlanta or Moscow office. Tickets for some destinations have to be issued in Russia only and can be picked up at our office in Moscow or delivered to your hotel or airport. For a list of sample fares click here.