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We operate individual and group tours to Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states and other countries of the former USSR. Some of the tour descriptions and prices are listed here, and if you do not see a package that interests you, please email us - we can easily customize your trip for you!

Our guides in Moscow and St. Petersburg are highly experienced and state-licensed professionals. While you can have a self-guided tour of many sights, you would never find out as much and enjoy your tour as you would with a private guide.

We offer comfortable private transportation options upon your arrival to or departure from Russia. You don't have to pay what VIP's do to feel like one.

For those who want a truly VIP service, we offer just that at International terminals in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev airports. Depending on the airport, you would be personally escorted off the plane, whisked through passport control and customs, while everyone else would still be elbowing their way off the plane.

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