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Russian Visa Guide
What it is, what it looks like, how to get one. Everything you need to know about a Russian visa put in layman's terms.

How to read Ukrainian Visa

Arriving by Plane
Did you know there are 5 airports in Moscow? Detailed plan of Sheremetyevo International Airport, how to get to the city, customs declaration forms.

Arriving by Train
We list all 9 of Moscow's train stations here.

Foreign Embassies
Important numbers and addresses in case you are stranded and need help from your embassy.

Phone Service
It may seem simple, but you need to know how to make a call, how much it is, where to rent a cell phone, how to make a long distance call. This isn't like learning Russian, but without this info you may feel lost.

Internet Access
Internet cafes are everywhere in Moscow and we list some of the most popular ones. It's now simple to stay in touch with your friends and relatives back home.

Exchanging Money
A little guide on what is Russian money, how to spend it, where to exchange it, how much of it to tip.

Medical Help
If you need medical help while in Russia, you want to make sure it's the same high quality help you're used to. We tell you where to go and who to call.

Time Zones
Russia spans over 11 time zones - more than any other country in the world. When it's sunrize in one Russian city, it may be a sunset in another. Find out what time is where.

Russian Mail
Russian mail system explaned: post office locations in Moscow, Express Mail services, how to address a package.