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We provide translation and interpretation services from Russian into English and English into Russian.

Certified translation of personal documents:

  • birth-, adoption-, death-, divorce-, and marriage certificates
  • international passports and driver's licenses
  • personal and business correspondence and other written communications
  • USCIS (INS), visa, and other immigration related documents
  • Medical and immunization records
  • Academic/scientific diplomas and education transcripts for submission to US Credentials Evaluation Services and other official institutions

The translated documents can be certified per clients' request. Certification is signed by the performing translator and notarized by a U.S. Notary Public, if requested.

Interpretation Services over the phone: Interpreter Assisted 3-way Calling

We provide cost-effective, interpreter-assisted three-way (conference) calling:

  • Business negotiations
  • Personal calls

Please, contact our office at 1-888-263-0023 for details.

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