Phone Services

Dialing From a Landline Phone

Local calls are free, but that may change soon. Not all phones can make long-distance calls, but for those that do, dialing 8 will get you a long-distance line. Thus, to dial another region of Russia, dial 8, wait for the new dial tone, and then dial your number.

For international calls, dial 8, wait for the tone, then dial 10, then the country code and your number.

For example, to call the U.S. number (404)-827-0099 from Russia, you would dial 8-(wait for dial done)-10-1-404-827-0099.

Area Codes

Irkutsk 3952
Kaliningrad 0112
Krasnoyarsk 3912
Magadan 41322
Moscow 095
Murmansk 8152 / 81522
Nizhny Novogorod 8312
Novorossisk 86134
Novosobirsk 3832
Samara 8462
St. Petersburg 812
Vologda 81722
Vologograd 8442
Vladivostok 4232

Note: When you are calling to Moscow or other regions of Russia where the area code starts with a "0", you do not drop zero when dialing from outside Russia. For example, to call the Moscow number (095)-123-4567 from U.S. you would dial 011-7-095-123-4567.

Direct Dialing Access Numbers


To call using Rostelcom: 747-3322
For a Russian speaking operator: 747-3320
To call using Sovintel from Moscow: 960-2222
To call using Sovintel from St. Petersburg: 346-8022
To call from Sakhalin Islands: 1616-1

BT Direct

Canada Direct
755-50-45 or

Telephone Directory

The Moscow Business Telephone guide is available for free in most hotels. Two good online resource is:

Moscow also has a directory assistance service, which can be reached by dialing 09 (Russian only)

Using Mobile Phones

The best way to find out if your phone will work on Russian networks is to contact your local service provider, which probably has a roaming agreement with one of the Russian operators. In general, GSM subscribers (AT&T, T-Mobile) should not have trouble roaming in major Russian cities. Please, contact your cell phone provider in advance to ensure you will be able to roam internationally.

In addition to GSM 900/1800, a common European standard which is widely avaiable throughout Russia, CDMA has just been introduced in St. Petersburg. GSM 400/1800 will soon be available in selected regions. There are also two main analog standards supported in Russia, D-AMPS and NMT-450.

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other areas, coverage on both GSM and analog standards is usually very good. The networks are expanding into smaller regions.

Renting Cell Phones
In addition to the companies listed below, some hotels can arrange mobile phone rentals.

Sheremetevo Airport
Terminal 2
Arrivals Hall
Fax/Telephone: 956-46-80

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