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Kafe Pushkin

Arthur Nen
This place is AMAZING! The food and service were spectacular, and the ambiance was unreal (we dined in the library). Out of everything we ate, the sprout salad was the most remarkable and the one item I'd highly recommend (everything else was also very good though). As a side note, the place is very foreigner friendly, they catered to us splendidly :)
Zack Hobbs
Food was amazing, incredibly unique menu and Moscow dining experience, amazing wait staff, super polite with a coat service in their basement. Food here is expensive and comes in small portions but it is so good and worthy it. You can ride the elevator up to the library floor and get an enhanced experience if you wear nice dress shoes and dress up nicely.
Keat Yin Chin
Beautiful interior decoration and great food! There is a wide selection of food but we chose Russian food which the restaurant is famous for. Great choice. Mushroom dumplings are amazing and is a must try!
jane doe
Great food and Putin paid for the food. Putin was being a very nice gentlemen to me and my friends here. He even offered to come stay in his kingdom but we kindly rejected. ;)
Anna Ch
Didn't eat so don't know what's the food is like... But when we came it was overcrowded, the table we were given was too big for our group, and was right in the way. It felt like a last minute addition for the crowd as all the waiters kept on bumping into it. Very dim place, overdone decor, cant even see the menu. The items were weird (some traditional Russian cuisine from the 18th century with weird names? It was weird for me and I'm russian). We just sat there and nobody came up to us. We left because it was too much. HOWEVER it might be an OK place on a slower day.

White Rabbit

Desmond Hill
Beautiful place. Food was excellent. Innovative food. However could do with less sauce on their dishes. We ordered the menu degustation which was 12 course plus 4 complimentary. Dinner took 4 hours. Price was reasonable for the fixed course dinner. However wines are expensive.
Dimitri Fedorov
You may think this place is posh, by it's not. Well trained staff, awesomely tasty cuisine. Prices are a bit steep, but restaurant absolutely worth it. Highly recommended.
Samer Sayegh
Amazing location. Beautiful views of the city. Prices are on the high side. Service is a disaster. 3 hours for dinner, Appetizers and main. 20 minutes to get a beer from a bar that's 12 meters away. 30 minutes for a bottle of wine to arrive. Lots of room for improvement.
Susan Malzoni
I am a foodie, having eaten at over half of the restaurants on the World's 50 Best list, and it is the first time that we've had such a horrible experience. We are still questioning how the White Rabbit was even considered for a position on that coveted list which I use as my worldwide culinary guide...We were disappointed in every level except the view, we ate bad food (after we waited 2 hours for our first course)...the service was unprofessional and really rude as was the management when we expressed our concern for the wait between courses. I can't understand how it gets so many favorable reviews, they must be from people who don't have much experience dining in really good restaurants or they were too drunk after their long wait for their meal to notice that they are eating mediocre food that could be found at any 2 star bistro. Save your money and avoid a huge disappointment...Stick to the other restaurants on the World's 50 Best list!
Danilo Rodrigues Jr.

Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago

Phillip Troup
I had massive food poisoning after eating here. I was even in the hospital. Big Big disappointment. I had seafood cabbage rolls here and soup. The place looks nice, the dishes are fancy. They do not know how to properly prepare or store food and will end up killing customers! I had high hopes for this place but I will never go back. My visit to moscow ended with me in the hospital from this food
Victor Shevchuk
Loved this place. Exception food and design. Wine is overpriced
Juanra Rodriguez
Nice views, perfect service. The quality is amazing and very afordable. I really enjoy this place.
Maxim Egorushkin
Great menu and quality food, democratic prices. The decoration of the restaurant is outstanding. The service is a bit too uptight - the waiters don't look you in they eye.
Mike Top
Good choice of russian food. The only minus is atmosphere. Overcrouded.

Torro Grill

Елизавета Петрова
What could be better than middle price huge meat restaraunt with great location which is open 24/7? I dunno. You walk here when you simply want to soak after harsh day arounding by other office people. P.s. grilled chicken breast is my favourite.
Михаил Перлов
While Torro Grill is a decent place in general, this one is usually overcrowded and very loud. If you intend to talk, you'd better go somewhere else. If you are looking for a steak-house which feels like a night club, than this is the one!
Terry Barnhill
Delicious food all around. Steak names are different from US, but so good no matter what they are called! Local Moscow dark beer was also quite tasty!
Mitja Pritržnik
Very cheap steak (for time beeing, because euro is so high)
Dennis G Daniels
Decent food. Lots of meat on the menu. Decent service. Music was not too loud.

Black Thai

Dennis G Daniels
Tasty. Good service. The wife liked her Tom Kha Khai. I liked the fried crispy eggplant but the crispy pork was too bready. Ravil was a great server. Yes, we'll be back. The bath room sinks are unusual.
Jessica McGrahan
It's an amazing restaurant, I really enjoyed myself, great food!!
Dimitri Fedorov
Posh but not that expensive Thai restaurant. Spicy and tasty.
Richard Thornley
We lived in Thailand and this is the best we have found in Moscow. Small portions lost the star.
Anatoly Spektor
Very delicious place if you feel like having Asian.

La Bottega Siciliana

Je Roh
We love this place. Very good Italian food in Moscow. Great location, nice to go in summer or winter. Food has excellent quality and service is friendly.
Wanna Ursiripant
Great location, professional service. It's look like upscale Italian restaurant, so all menu quite expensive.
Sandy Mohinathan
Great location and meals. Highly recommend the lamb chops
Гузель Мошнина
I had an amazing ice-cream here. Just give it a try
Joock Chinese


Trevor Arjeski
Easily my favorite restaurant in the city. Good food. Good portion sizes for the price. Good service. Good alcohol. The atmosphere is cool and cozy.
Punardeep Chopra
Fantastic. Everyone speaks fluent English, menu is excellent and service is outstanding. Fair prices. Was one of the highlights of our Moscow stint.
Dmitry Morozov
One of the best cafe in Moscow
We heart Moscow
Cafe is owned by popular Russian blogger and traveller Sergey Dolya, although it's not crowded by people with notebooks and iPads only. Nice place to take a load off after a long walk around the city.
Константин Таранов

Dining room number 57

I cannot describe how happy I am to have discovered this place!! Who would have thought that in a fancy mall with lots of couture brands you can find a modest and so worth place like this to eat?! I'm fascinated; decent prices, good options and literally fabulous food! Super tasty Russian food, the place is also kept clean all the time. I was eating there every day, it's too affordable and too good!
Serguei Malanitchev
Soviet style canteen/cafeteria. Lots of variety of Russian food and everything's excellent. Note that you might have to wait 5 to 10 minutes as the place is always packed.
YJ Koh
Great dining option in the red square, with affordable prices to boot. Try the herring under a fur coat and the mors drink.
Amir Teig
Traditional food in a cantina style restaurant
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La Colina
Vlad Dumea
Aditya Vikram Jain


Konstantin Momchilov
Spot on service, settling atmosphere, wonderful dishes and a simply mind blowing interior. It is all you can ask for on that special Saturday evening if you're willing you pay a substantial amount.
Bruck Kimmerle
Outstanding palace restaurant in Russian Rocco style, originally an aristocrat's residence. The interior design is mindblowing. In summer time there's a romantic roof terrace with fountains. Excellent food for substantial prices. Just find a waiter who speaks English. Should be visited only jointly with local, Russian speaking, companions!
Shingo Hamasaki
Service of workers was terrible and worst. Especially, woman waitress at entrance and Asian serve woman were worst. We NEVER go there again. It is NOT value to go there. We went to 2nd floor. Some guests voice was very loud and service man didn't ask them to be more silent.
Diana Chen
Food was okay, hot cocktails were quite good. Interior is gorgeous. But service was disappointingly bad.
Igor V.
Good food and stylish interiors, high class service. Mind the palpable prices.
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