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Dear Agent!

Thank you for visiting our site. Go To Russia sends thousands of tourists to Russia, Ukraine, and the countries of the former Soviet Union every year. Many of them use our services because of agents like you! We always offer special rates or great commissions to travel agents. If you need brochures, maps or other materials on Russia and the countries of the former USSR to help you sell our destination better, please call us and we might be able to assist you.

Our commission structure is very flexible; actual commissions depend on type of service and sometimes a particular reservation made. Below is the most current sampling of the commission structure we have for travel agents who work with us.



Hotel Reservations 5-10%
Short-stay Luxury Apartment Reservations 7-15%
Transfer services our special net prices
Tours and packages 10%
Airfare Low Net Fares – please contact ticketing agents!


If you are a visa agency, we offer special low rates for visa support to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union. We have a secure online ordering system and enable to you track status of your orders, see complete billing information and print visa support right from your computer.

To ensure the fastest response to your inquiry, please contact the following department managers if you need further information on Go To Russia’s services:

Hotels, Tours and Packages: Dimitri Bogachev
Apartment Reservations, Transfer Services: Anna Shevaldina
Wholesale Airline Reservations: Barbara Barros
Visa Support and Services: Dimitri Bogachev


All of our specialists can be reached by calling our main toll-free number:

Should you like to explore Russia on your own, we are always happy to offer you the best possible deals for your travel. Depending on type of service requested, we will be able to discount your itinerary up to 40%. We want you to visit our homeland and see for yourself what an incredible destination it is for your clients.

We hope to work with you through out the year offering great services, support and high commissions.

Alex Khodorkovsky


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