Russian Business Visa Support

(valid for up to 12 months. You can order this visa support type when your intended trip will last longer than 30 days (even if you travel for pleasure or private matters)

Requirements for foreign citizens to obtain business visa support to Russia

Besides the information you enter in online application form, we will need a legible SCANNED copy of your valid passport – the page with your signature, picture and personal information, as well as copies of amendment pages if those contain any relevant information like name change or passport validity extension. If you have had Russian visas, business or tourist, issued in the past, please scan and e-mail copies of those visas as well as passport pages containing customs stamps from the times you crossed Russian border. Scanned copies can be sent via e-mail to or attached to your online application form.

  • All Russian business invitations will be processed through the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), Federal Migration Service (FMS), or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
  • We will start processing your Russian visa support on the same day if we receive COMPLETE set of documents before 6.00 PM EST; otherwise they will go in processing on the next business day. Business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, as well as any official Russian or US holidays.
  • To obtain your actual Russian visa, please submit visa support document you receive from us along with other required paperwork to the Russian consulate or embassy of your choice.
  • You can apply for business visa support no earlier than 45 calendar days before the date you would like for your business visa to be valid from. If you choose to submit your request earlier, we will hold your application at our office until the earliest possible order day.
  • All passports must be valid for 6 (SIX) MONTHS beyond the date your visa should expire.
  • When the visa support document is released, you will receive a scanned copy of the document. Please check with the consulate you plan to use whether an original visa support document will be required in order to obtain your Russian business visa.
  • If you require original visa support document, it can be shipped via FedEx or DHL to the address you provide in your order. Prices for multiple-entry visa support include domestic (US and Canada) standard overnight shipping. If you need an original visa support document valid for 1 or 3 months, we can ship it at additional charge.
  • Please note that we receive original visa support documents at our Atlanta office once a week as they get shipped to us by our Russian vendors. The processing option you select gets you a scanned copy in that time frame. If you need to receive your original visa support urgently and want it shipped directly to you from Russia as soon as it is released, you will be charged $100 for international shipment via FedEx or DHL.
  • If you select TELEX option, your visa support will be transmitted directly to the Russian consulate of your choice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and you will be given Telex number that you will need to refer to when applying for your actual visa. No paper documents are released when using this option. Please make sure to indicate the actual consulate (its location/city) when submitting your online order, as redirecting telexes may cost extra.
  • When applying for multiple-entry visa valid for 6 or 12 months, please keep in mind that one is allowed to spend no more than 90 days out of 180 days in Russia when in possession of such visa. If you choose to stay for 90 days without leaving, you will need to leave Russia after 90 days and will not be able to return for another 90 days, based on this provision of the Russian immigration law. Compliance to this regulation is strictly observed by the authorities. You are however able to make multiple shorter-term trips, as long as combined time you spend in Russia does not exceed 90 days out of 180 days.