According to the Russian immigration law, you must notify the Federal Migration Service (MFS) about your arrival to the Russian Federation. As of March 25, 2011, the foreign nationals can stay in Russia without registering their visa for up to seven business days.

Go To Russia Travel, Inc. provides assistance with visa registration for travelers to Moscow and Saint Petersburg who are not going to stay at the hotel (Note: Most hotels in Russia will register your visa for free at the time of registration but only for the duration of your stay with them). The cost of the service is $50/2500 rubles.

Option A. To apply for a visa registration in Moscow by e-mail you need to send the COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT, RUSSIAN VISA AND MIGRATION CARD after arrival to Registration by e-mail should be prepaid in advance.

Option B. For your convenience we can make registration at our local office: Go To Russia Travel, Inc. (OOO "ATLANTA") Pyatnitskaya Street, bldg. 3/4 (2nd floor), Moscow, 115035, Russia Tel/Fax: +7-495-225-5012 M-F 10:00AM-6:00PM.

Registration may take up to 72 hours. Once your registration letter is ready, it can be either delivered directly to you by our courier ($15 within the city limits), or available for pick up at our Moscow office at Pyatnitskaya Street, bldg. 3/4 (2nd floor).

If you prepay your registration andsubmit all the documents required for registration by e-mail, you can get your registration letter by e-mail. Please, let us know what would be more preferable for you.

St. Petersburg:
If St. Petersburg is the first city on your itinerary, you are not staying at a hotel and plan to be there for at least 7 days, you can complete the required procedures through 'Status Travel' located at: St. Petersburg, Konushennya Ploshad, 2, Office 520, entrance from Griboedova Kanal Street (Kanal Griboedova metrop stop), please, call +7 921 9558887 beforehand for appointments.
Registration may take up to 72 hours; please call our local office for information if you are traveling with a business visa valid for more than 1 month.

When traveling on a tourist visa to a city other than Moscow or St. Petersburg and not staying at a hotel for more than 3 business days, you must ask the owner of the apartment you are staying at to go to the local office of the Federal Migration Service to register your visa. If you travel for business, the organization you are doing business with can arrange for your registration through the local office of the Federal Migration Service.