Russia, Kazakshtan, Belarus and most other former Soviet countries require you to get an official visa support or "invitation" before you can apply for the visa to the Consulate. This "invitation" is usually an official document from a travel agency, registered with the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describing services booked for the client.

If you're interested in independent travel and do not need assistance in booking any services but require visa support only, Go To Russia will be happy to assist in providing your "invitation" to the country of your destination. We provide "invitations" to Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus as fast as the same business day, and to other former Soviet republics as fast as 2 business days.


Travel visas are required to travel to Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union (except for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). We make it simple to get your visas to these countries. You can either trust us to get your visa from start to finish or, for the adventurous types, get it on your own from the nearest consulate with official visa support documents from Go To Russia.

While Consulates reserve right to decline visa for any reason, there has to be a good reason to get denied. We suggest searching to the best possible airfare, and then applying for your visa when you know your travel itinerary. You can book your accommodations, while your visa is being processed.