VIP services

(Fast Track)

Want to feel a little special? Or maybe you just don't have 2 hours to waste in the lines of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Almaty International Airports. We can have you escorted off the airplane and through customs and out of the airport in 15-30 minutes.

When you’re met at the gate, you are guided through a separate line in customs, where your documents are checked. Meanwhile, your luggage is picked off the plane separately from everybody else’s.*

On the way back, you have an option of requesting a similar treatment with special customs clearance and no-line check-in.

Below are the prices for fast-track services upon arrival and departure for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Almaty International Airports.


Cities Locations Arrival Departure
Moscow - Sheremetyevo 1 (SVO1)
- Sheremetyevo 2 (SVO2)
- Domodedovo (DME)
- Vnukovo (VKO)
- Zhukovsky (ZIA)
St. Petersburg - Pulkovo 2 (LED)

* Please note that various airlines reserve the right not to allow VIP or Fast Track service prior to boarding their flights. You will be notified in such event, and your account will not be charged.

Prices for the service are quoted per traveler. If your request submitted within 24 hours prior to your arrival/departure time, the price goes up by 50%. We recommend that you contact our Moscow office at +7-495-739-5681 to make sure your order is processed in a timely manner.

Please call in, fax or e-mail your reservation at least 3 business days in advance. All VIP services have to be prepaid.